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50 minutes | 80 minutes

The new moon gives you the opportunity to start a new cycle. It is the perfect time to sow the seeds for your plans, understand who you are and who you aspire to become. This therapy was designed to work deep on your muscles to prepare your body for new beginnings, you will feel awakened, clear and inspired.


50 minutes | 80 minutes

This moon phase provides the best time to watch your seeds grow and keep your plans on the right track. Waxing moon therapy will work on top of the fascia warming up and opening joints to release heavy energy, helping you feel stimulated, focused and nourished.


50 minutes | 80 minutes

With the full moon comes the realization of our full potential; a time to harvest. This massage therapy focuses on aligning both the structure of mind and body by coordinated movements, working underneath the fascia and on top of the muscles to leave you calm, balanced and fulfilled.


50 minutes | 80 minutes

Waning moon is the time to retreat, reflect and cleanse at a deeper level. This unique massage therapy works between the skin and the fascia allowing your body to release tensions and toxins through your lymphatic system to feel cleansed, restored and relieved.


50 minutes | 80 minutes

Our therapists will help revitalize and invigorate your body and spirit. Pressure is customized for you; select from a Swedish massage that stimulates circulation and relaxes the nervous system, a deep tissue massage that brings relief to sore muscles, or a vigorous sports massage to restore peak performance.


50 minutes | 80 minutes

A therapeutic and pain-relieving massage deep tissue and trigger point therapy to ease all muscular tension.


25 minutes | 50 minutes

A targeted back, shoulder & neck massage to relieve tension prone muscles in your body